Sunday, November 8, 2020

Summary of what's new or changed in Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain update 10.0.14 (November 2020)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations update 10.0.14 became generally available in November 2020 and is loaded with another bag of goodies. 

I wanted to share a summary from the analysis I did post installing it. Talking about numbers, there are 35 new features and 630 KB fixes across various modules. Quality update which got released has around 118 fixes across application.  

Below is a quick summary snapshot of 10.0.14 update. 

I want to briefly talk about few key features :

Dynamics 365 Guides for Manufacturing  -->  This feature enables you to deliver mixed-reality, step-by-step instructions for production processes using Dynamics 365 Guides. 
Basically once you setup the guides parameters and then define the guides, then the worker can use their HoloLens to scan the QR code and the guide will get launched. 
Refer to this docs link for more details.  Below are some screenshots and steps from the same link, for quick reference: 
To configure how Guides appear on the shop floor, go to Mixed Reality > Dynamics 365 Guides > Configure Guides integration.

You can attach guides to various aspects of production control like Resources ,Resource groups, Released products, Formulas, Routes, Route versions. etc. 

When a worker opens a job list on the shop floor execution interface, Supply Chain Management finds the relevant guides for the jobs shown. Use the Guides button to view the relevant guides.

Then put on a HoloLens and access the respective guide by glancing at the QR code and activating the respective Guide.

Asset Leasing :
Asset leasing helps you adapt and be compliant to the ASC 842 and IFRS 16 accounting regulations related to lease management and its financial impact Asset leasing is integrated with fixed assets and the chart of accounts. Refer to Microsoft Tech talk on this topic having feature demonstration here.

Below is a summary of asset leasing capabilities from the tech talk presentation: 

All the asset leasing objects are under a separate model in the application explorer

Enable Project Operations on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement : 

This feature allows to define default configurations can be defined to support Project Operations integration. It is dependent on the feature "Enable multiple contract lines for a project" . 

The feature to Enable multiple contract lines for a project provides support for a project to have fixed price components and time and material components. Project type will be moved to the contract line. Project group will become optional and the setup related to tracking of work in process and revenue calculation will be moved to a new entity - Project revenue profiles. The project revenue profile rules will determine which project revenue profile to use. Internal projects will be projects without a contract and only costs will be tracked. 

Test this in SBOX environment as these should be enabled only if using synchronous integration with the Common Data Service.

(Preview) Vendor invoice automation :

The automation processes can be used to perform these tasks:

·        Automatically submit imported invoices to the workflow system.

·        Match product receipts to pending vendor invoice lines.

·        Simulate posting before a vendor invoice is posted.

·        Quickly and efficiently view workflow history.

·        View and analyze the results of automating vendor invoice processing.

Refer docs here for more details. 

Below is a complete list of 35 new features shown in feature management post installation 

KB Fixes

Below is the breakup of KB Fixes across various modules. The complete list of  KB details can be found in LCS here

We can see most of the fixes are in Localization, PMA, Retail, Financial management and Warehouse and Transportation management modules.

Quality update got released with around 118 fixes as well across various modules. The details can be seen from environment details page. 

Platform features

In terms of platform features now we can have drop-down list on multi-line controls. Previously, only single-line input controls permitted drop-down lists.

An update to the (Preview) Grouping in grids feature is available now to expand/collapse groups and select or unselect all rows in a group.


I hope this article gives a summarized view of what's new in 10.0.14 and will enable readers to dive deep into the areas of their interest and related ongoing projects. Thanks for reading the blog. Have a great day and keep DAXing :). 


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