Wednesday, August 27, 2014

AX2012 SSRS Error "You do not have sufficient authorisation to modify data in database"

Hi Friends,
Recently we got this error on running a SSRS report. For every report we were getting similar error. I was a system administrator so I was sure it should not be a permission issue but the error message was pointing towards permission and security settings. 

I also tried generating full CIL, restarting AOS, restarting SSRS , deleting *.auc files, cleared usage data but still got the same error.

I found technet article on similar error message here and verified that no such properties were changed in our system.

Then we gave a try by rebooting the machine hosting AOS and guess what the reports started working. 

So just rebooting the server helped us in this situation however the error message was pointing towards permission issue. In case you also face similar issue then please try this and also share any other resolutions to this error message which you find.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

AX2012: SSRS error "Item with the same key has already been added"

Hi Friends,
Recently we faced the below error when running a SSRS report on AX2012 Feature pack CU4 environment:

This was LIVE environment with lots of users logged in, so we wanted to avoid any downtime, and the following helped us to fix this issue without any downtime:
1. Clear *.auc files
2. Restart SSRS server
3. Redeploy the report

There is a blog from MS support team on the same topic here which suggest that only redeployment of the report can fix this issue but in our case we were also required to restart SSRS services.