Thursday, July 23, 2020

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps - Achieve more with power of personalization

One of the features, released in the platform updates for version 10.0.12 of Finance and Operations apps is, the ability to mark fields as mandatory via personalization toolbar.

This comes quite handy to enforce mandatory fields validation when doing manual data entry. Another great personalization feature of saved views is also released which allows users to save personalized views of the form. This makes user task more effective by hiding the unwanted fields and saving the view as default views. Saved views can also be published to other security roles and shared across organisation.

Now these two features can be combined to achieve some really great user experience. For example, let’s consider as scenario: A company wants to enforce that customer requisition field needs to be captured for creating sales order in USMF company by any sales representative.  This can be achieved by below simple 3 steps:

-        Personalize the form to make fields mandatory

-        Save view

-        Publish the view


Below is a detailed walk-through with screenshots:

1.      Login as System Administrator

2.      Navigate to sales order details form and right click on “Customer requisition” field

3.      Select “Required”. This will make field mandatory as changes the frame to red



4.      Click on the down arrow head and select, save as

5.      Save view with a meaningful name



6.      Once the view is saved, click on ellipse and then select publish


7.      On the publish screen, select security role and company


8.      Click on “Publish”


9.      Now I assigned, sales representative role to a user




10.   Login to D365 F&O as a sales representative


11.   Open the sales order details form. The view published will open as Default view and we can see that customer requisition field is marked as mandatory



12.   If I try to save with blank value, system throws warning


13.   Now I change company to USP2 and open the sales order form. Notice that custom view is not available and the field customer requisition is not mandatory.



 We saw in this post, how we can mash up the personalization capabilities to actually implement business rules along with user personalized UI.

Microsoft is adding many more amazing features in the product. Stay safe and keep sharing the knowledge. Closing with a very famous signature line of good old AX times ..Happy Daxing J.

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