Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An encounter with Microsoft Dynamics AX Office Add Ins error

Hi Friends,
Recently when configuring options for Microsoft Dynamics AX Office Add Ins, we were getting the below error: "Columns 'OfficeAddinAccountStructureView.ChartOfAccountsId' does not belong to table OfficeAddinAccountStructureView" 

The AOS was moved to a different machine for this client resulting in original installed Microsoft Dynamics AX client configuration to point to wrong AOS.

We tried creating a new client configuration pointing to right AOS/Refresh WCF/Generated full CIL but this also did not helped. So we needed to find a way to fix the AOS name in the default client configuration (which is uneditable from front end).

In order to change the default client configuration, we updated the corresponding registry value for that user. First check the user SID .I my case the SID was \S-1-5-21-861567501-1637723038-839522115-2627, then navigate to the registry editor at the below path:

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-861567501-1637723038-839522115-2627\Software\Microsoft\Dynamics\6.0\Configuration\Original (installed configuration) 

Here we noticed, aos2 key was referring to old AOS. We changed the value of  aos2 key by editing the key. To do this, right click on the AOS2 key and select modify.

Enter the correct AOS, click OK 

Close the registry editor and then open the local client configuration: Notice that the AOS is pointing to correct machine.

After this we were able to configure the Dynamics AX add-ins options and able to carry out our further activities.

So from this encounter we assume* (as we could not find any documentation from Microsoft confirming this), Dynamics AX office Add Ins use default client configuration to first time connect and configure the options. 
Additionally, when we move AOS to different machine, the registry values might still point to old AOS and there can be some situations, like this,where it can cause trouble. 

PS --> Changing registry values is not recommended unless you have proper backup and understanding of how it works. The above approach helped me in the mentioned scenario. In case you are facing the same error then before making any changes in the registry please ensure you have proper backups are place.

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