Thursday, March 13, 2014

AX2012 : Removal of suspension of recId allocation for table VendInvoiceInfoTable has failed.

Hi Friends,
Recently working on one environment on AX2012 FP CU4 I got the below error on posting purchase order invoice and the following steps helped to fix the error:
  1. Generate Full CIL
  2. Stop AOS
  3. Delete *.auc files
  4. Start AOS
Before running full CIL, I also tried with generating incremental IL, but that did not helped.

This might not be a sure shot solution but it worked for me.

Keep sharing!!!


  1. Please check your Client Options. If you enabled under development "Then Beakpoint" you get this error. Switch to "No" and test it.

  2. I have the same problem when I run PurchFormLetter.chooseLines(). Please I'll appreciate an answer.

  3. Hi Rachit,

    Where s location the *.auc file exist?
    i have a same error with you. but this error appeared when we will do Product received the PO.

    Thank you.


  4. I would like to add how I fixed our issue. Again this worked for me not sure if anyone else
    When I got the issue, the problem was Can't remove pending? Invoice
    Once you clicked on the Invoice button you ended up with that exact infolog message
    That is oh I ended up here. The recommended fix I could only do one, CIL
    Same results. Then I went in the table VendInvoiceInfoTable
    Filtered for the PO, then looked for Pending, replaced it with New. Viola
    I can open the Invoice form. Took me 2.5 days. I did solve it earlier but didn't know which one of my attempts worked

    1. thank you so much for your info, it helps me to resolve in 2.5mins!

  5. i went to the use data for the individual getting the error and cleared out the use data pertaining to VendInv* and then did a AUC file clear (C drive / user/ app data / local ) and that resolved it.